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Panorama of Derry City and Rover Foyle

Inter-Faith North/West was formed in 2008 CE as am interfaith body for the north-west and west of Northern Ireland. We became a registered charity in February 2013.

Inter-Faith North/West promotes knowledge of the various religious traditions in the area and understanding between them. This site gives an overview of our activities as we work to bring together people of diverse backgrounds, learning about each other, and seeing how we can work to strengthen our shared society. Learning and respect are key here: prejudice thrives on ignorance, and, sadly, in the past there has been no shortage of either.

The picture is a panoramic view of the city of Derry (Londonderry), where we are based.



Inter-Faith North/West is supported by the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council

Inter-Faith North/West is a registered charity

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