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We are a group of individuals, drawn from a wide variety of faith backgrounds. We are not official spokespersons for our own faith group but people who are committed to understanding and promoting awareness of the diversity of religious and ethnic communities that make Northern Ireland today. It is no longer a place of two religious traditions, Catholic and Protestant, but of many ~ Jewish, Bahá'í, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and more.

Inter-Faith North/West brings to this area the work of the Northern Ireland Inter-Faith Forum which was formed in 1993 following extensive discussions with members of the ethnic religious communities in Northern Ireland. It runs major educational events as well as pressing for the broadening of Religious Education in schools, networking with other inter-faith organisations and pursuing the inter-faith ideal within the developing pluralism of Northern Ireland.

Inter-Faith North/West pursues similar objectives but with a more local flavour in keeping  with the nuances of inter-faith relations in this area where a border situation is an added complication in human relationships.



Inter-Faith North/West is supported by the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council

Inter-Faith North/West is a registered charity