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These feature a speaker or speakers, and a subject which combines something about their faith and their life and activities, or a subject dear to their heart. The approach is ‘LISTENING AND LEARNING’ - the talks are short and the emphasis is on discussion, on sharing our insights, and on learning about and from one another.

For an account of the Open For a held so far click here.



This project started in 2009 and has been made possible by the financial support of Derry City Council. The project aims to promote understanding of faith diversity in the local council area. It is not about promotion of a particular religious viewpoint, rather about promotions of cultural diversity and challenging of sectarian mindsets to recognise that NI is no longer a place of two main religious cultures and traditions. It has proved to be a model of best practice, as no other similar projects exist in this council area. The intension is to continue working with local post-primary schools through 4 hour workshops, R.E. in-class discussions and baseline questionnaires of attitudes.

The session plan fr the current round:

A 'Three Speakers'

B 'One to One'

C 'Topic Related'

D 'Large Workshops'

Three speakers from different faith backgrounds giving a10 minute presentation discussing: each with a question answer session to finish.

Four/six week in depth sessions on:
-Christianity (incl. Amish, Mormon)

-Makar Sankranti
-Lughnasadh or Samhain
-Eid-Ul-Fitr (end of Ramadan)

-Meditation sessions
-Food/Feast s

Neutral location (such as the Playhouse) where students from local schools come to participate in a 4-hour workshop.

*Review previous workshops sheet.

For FEEDBACK from the students taking part click here.

UPDATE Sadly, funding was not available for this activity after 2012 but our outreach into Schools did not stop. We provide speakers (singly or as panel) to local schools to explain about interfaith and about individuals' spiritual paths. These have been well received and we are always looking to widen the range of schools visited.



These are organised visits to faith community centres or other places of spiritual activity, arranged by Inter-Faith N/W for its members and supporters.

To see what Community Visits have taken place click here.



These small group meetings take place in a more intimate atmosphere and allow people to share their beliefs and understandings, hear those of others, and discuss them in a constructive manner.



Inter-Faith North/West is supported by the Northern Ireland Community Relations Council

The Schools Project is supported by Derry City Council's "Good Relations" programme

Inter-Faith North/West is a registered charity